Mall Leasing & Consulting

With the boom in the mall culture across the country, investing in a mall is the ideal solution to enhance your image and rake manifold returns on investments.

Our one-stop consulting plan includes,

  • International architects, consultants and mall leasing specialists
  • Layout designing and planning
  • Tenants analysis
  • Sourcing Anchor tenants
  • Market/location analysis etc.

We can ensure the successful planning, designing, development and leasing of your mall.

High Street Leasing

With experience of over 12 years in the industry and thorough understanding of markets and geographical territories, we have helped establish many business spaces. Our Clientele includes international and national brands such as Bata, Walmart, Future Group, Madura apparel, Arvind Mills, Reebok, Adidas, KFC, Dominos , Pizza Hut, Aditya Birla Group , Reliance Retail.

Our services include,

  • Risk analysis
  • Financial estimate
  • Location Strategy
  • Quality checks in the site
  • Lease negotiation etc

We cater to sectors such as Garments, footwear, fashion, electronics and consumer durables, Automobile, Fine dining restaurants, Fast food chains etc.

Mall Management

The Indian retail market is expected to continue its growth trajectory into 2015 and beyond. For upcoming and existing malls and the retail store tenants to be successful Mall management would play a pivotal role.

Following are the major components of Mall management:

  • Mall Positioning
  • Zoning
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Tenant Mix
  • Finance management

Mall management in India till recently was limited to facility management by a majority of developers in India, leading to gaps in mall management practices. In the Indian market there are roughly around 230 operational malls currently, but another 60 to 70 malls would be added by mid 2012.Additionally another 200 malls are in various stages of development across the country. With this scorching pace of growth and increasing competition in the retail market mall developers should address these gaps to ensure their projects succeed in the long run.

Retailers today face many challenges, including increasing competitive pressures, thin margins,high occupancy costs and unpredictable supply base that come in the way of their attaining operational efficiency and profitability. As organized retail grows, the market will only become more competitive and developers will have to work hard to differentiate. Faulty mall management along with inappropriate tenant mix would lead to poor mall traffic and closure of individual stores in malls. Professional third party mall management service providers are hence likely to come to the fore. We not only understand these business challenges, but also have the ability to help retailers effectively deal with them.

Generally there are two types of consumers who visit malls – focused buyers and impulse buyers. The time spent by focused buyers inside the mall is relatively lower as compared with impulse buyers who spend a lot of time window shopping. Malls which have entertainment zones and/ or promotional activities have larger foot falls and more percentage of impulse buyers. Mall management becomes critical to attract impulse buyers.

For example, Ansal Plaza in Delhi has ensured its success through good promotional events and mall management practices since its inception in 1999. Its amphitheatre which is dedicated to promotional activities has ensured footfalls despite newer malls coming up in the NCR region.Some of the issues that developers who lease out the space themselves without involving a professional agency could be :

  • Not being able to plan the mall around anchor tenants
  • Lack of market research by developers
  • Tendency to lease out on a first come first serve basis

Shopping Center Re-development

If you have a dead mall, you need to learn about shopping center redevelopment right away. Its nearly universal to go into denial first, but try to jump right on it when you notice things slowing down. If you ignore the situation, it wont improve, it will in fact deteriorate.

In a mall, all stores are interdependent to some extent. And mixed use development is often your only real solution.

Dead mall is the term for a shopping mall that feel lifeless, has many vacant storefronts, and lacks the traffic to generate excitement and a positive sales environment.

You can spot a dead mall by looking at the parking lot. If there are very few cars near the doors, start learning about shopping center redevelopment, get in touch with us our experts can help you bring back to life your property with our innovative ideas and concepts.